When Christmas is over, are you inspired or just tired?

  • Ever wonder if there is truth behind all our Christmas traditions?
  • Does Christmas feel more like a cultural holiday than Jesus’ birthday?
  • Want to know more about the child who started the whole thing?
  • Is there a reason to have a real smile on your face this Christmas?

On December 26th, do you ever find yourself asking: Is there more to Christmas than good food, good friends, good music, and good times with family?

The Authors

From Heaven To Earth invites you to discover afresh the truth behind all our beloved Christmas traditions by considering the foundational questions about the Christmas story: Did it really happen? And what does it truly mean?


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Why this book? Why now?

People don't see Jesus at work today in the world.
Many people don't know where to turn to deal with their everyday challenges.
Unparalleled Joy
Unparalleled Joy
We should all get to experience joy, not only at Christmas but every day!

Our Talented Authors

Wil Cantrell
Author, FHTE
Wil is the Sr. Associate Pastor, Concord United Methodist Church.
Glenna Manning
Small Group Resources
Glenna is the Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach at Concord United Methodist Church.
Paul Seay
Author, FHTE
Paul is the Sr. Pastor at Seymour United Methodist Church.


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