Christmas Devotional

Do Not Fear

Do Not Fear

Wednesday December 4

Scripture: Luke 2:8-12

Why is it that the moments in life which bring the most joy also bring the most fear?

Singers who train daily for their moment shine often feel sick their stomachs before going on stage for their big solo? Athletes who imagine each day what it would be like to make the big play with the game on the line sometimes become shaky when the moment arrives? First-time parents ooh and ah over a newborn child only to become overwhelmed by the unprecedented responsibility suddenly thrust upon their shoulders.

The shepherds were no different. When they were encountered face to face by angels, they turned away in terror. “Do not fear”, the angel reassured them before sharing with the shepherds the greatest news the world has ever received.

We still hear the same message from God today.

  • “Do not fear, I’m the one who gave you your voice. Now go let the world hear it.”
  • “Do not fear, I created you to raise that child and I’ll help you every step along the way.”
  • “Do not fear. I love you and your shame does not cause me to turn away in disgust.”
  • “Do not fear your wounds are not too great for me to heal.”
  • “Do not fear when the time comes I will give you the right words to say.”

And the reason, we can trust the message we receive from God today is because the message God gave to the shepherds through the angel long ago is still true for us today: “to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord (Luke 2:11, NRSV).”

Prayer: Almighty God, when fear gets the better of me, give me strength to face my fears and discover the great joy of knowing that the same Christ who was born in Bethlehem long ago is with me and will never leave me. Amen.

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