Christmas Devotional

The Day the Manger Became a Throne

The Day the Manger Became a Throne

Wednesday Dec. 25, Christmas Day

Scripture: Luke 2:1-7

Jesus did not coming in to a world looking for a Lord and Savior. He came into a word where Caesar Augustus was proclaimed to be Lord and Savior for bring peace to the Roman Empire by defeating his rivals, quashing rebellions with a heavy hand, and continually conquering barbarian lands.

Jesus did not come into a world looking for a King of the Jews. Jesus came into a world where Herod had been given the title, King of the Jews, by Augustus Caesar no less. And Herod was more than willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to keep that title. So intent was Herod on making his greatness known that he forced slaves to build him a man-made mountain in Jerusalem on which to build his opulent palace. So whenever people would look up, they would see his palace and be reminded of his power.

Into this world, Jesus came.

It’s common today for people to question God’s existence in the face of political scandals and savage inequality. Yet, it was into a world with even more scandals and inequality that Jesus was born.

He came to show us the true nature of power. And he chose not to rule from a golden throne in Rome. Nor from a lavish palace in Jerusalem. He chose manger as his first throne.

The King of the creation come back to save His people showed us the nature of true power: Not to slaughter our enemies, but to love them. Not to conquer foreign lands, but our rebellious hearts. Not to force us to worship him with the sword, but to bring us to our knees by the power of the cross.

Today, the Roman empire is ancient history and Herod is considered paranoid pathetic failure. But billions of people still worship the one who first throne was a manger.

Do not go looking for great power in the halls of Congress, the big house painted white in DC, the military installations scattered across the globe, not the corner offices of Wall Street. If you want to see great power, go look upon the manger and gaze upon the cross. That’s where you’ll find it.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, be the king of my heart. Overthrow all other rivals to the throne. And on this Christmas day claim my soul as your domain now and forever. Amen.

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