This Study Guide for Leaders supplies you with detailed lesson plans for 5 sessions to help your small group or class experience the reality behind all our Christmas celebrations.

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Leaders Guide

Help your small group break through the stress and busyness of the Christmas season to truly understand and maybe discover for the first time, the Jesus of Christmas.

Video Sessions

This five session course helps leaders facilitate their groups through discussions about Jesus, so they can find answers to their questions about the Messiah.

Participant Resources

In addition to the Leader’s Guide, you will also receive FREE supplemental materials for your group participants.

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The Five Sessions of the Study

Receive the message

Genealogy & heritage


Disciples & Preachers


Be a Part of the From Heaven to Earth Tribe this Christmas

Connect with other people that are looking for meaning and hope at Christmas. Stay connected throughout the year as we find and share the story of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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